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  • 200 MHz StrongARM CPU
  • 8-64 MB SDRAM @ 100 MHz
  • 1-16 MB FLASH
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • 3 RS-232 Ports
  • LCD Controller
  • Generic User Bus Interface
  • Size: --> 1.4" x 2.4" <-- smaller than a business card !!
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Bright Star Engineering’s nanoEngine single board computer provides an unprecedented level of power and integration in a 1.4" by 2.4" module. Utilizing the Intel SA1110 StrongARM processor, the nanoEngine is able to provide desktop system class-performance yet consumes well under 2 watts of power. In conjuction with the 200 MHz processor core, the nanoEngine’s on-board 10/100 ethernet controller is able to provide in excess of 80 MBits/sec sustained user-level TCP performance.

BSE’s nanoEngine provides the OEM with a choice of external interfaces. In one mode the external interface is configured as a PCI bus interface including a PCI bus arbiter and interrupt controller. This allows glueless connection to common PCI peripheral components. The external interface can also be placed in a generic bus mode allowing direct connection to common memory and peripheral devices.

nanoEngine Block Diagram


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nanoEngine Mechanical Specifications

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pdf.gif (948 bytes) nanoEngine Product Brief

pdf.gif (948 bytes) nanoEngine Hardware Reference Manual


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