Bright Star Engineering (BSE) is a global leader in technology services including circuit board design, application development, automotive diagnostics, engineering services, and project management.

Working closely with your team, we provide engineering insight and execution support to meet your immediate needs and assure a path forward to your future long-term goals.  We evaluate the requirements, identify the related standards, define the scope, and then identify the activities and resources required to successfully bring the project to life.

We are adept at bringing initial concepts and ideas to fruition in a cost-effective manner. We start by leveraging off-the-shelf technology where possible, and then add customization to serve your organization’s unique needs and make you more efficient.  Our services can streamline operations, surface new revenue opportunities, and become a catalyst for future growth.

Our reach in automotive diagnostic tools includes:

  • 134 Countries
  • 12,500 Dealerships
  • 88,000+ Diagnostic Tools
  • 90,000+ Diagnostic sessions per day
  • 2,000,000+ ECU reflashes per quarter

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