Partner Services


Our Model

Our model is to extend our capabilities through close trusted partners that are positioned to successfully manage support services. We manage the process to guarantee the projects are completed with high quality and low cost.



Partner Services

Cloud Services

Reduce operating costs and improve efficiency by moving your systems to the cloud. BSE offers a variety of cloud-based computing solutions.

Cloud-based services enable enterprises to keep pace with the industry demands by implementing infrastructure, platform or software faster with low upfront costs. Cloud-based services empower customers and can scale and change as the market drives them without having to be limited by capital expenditure and time-to-market limitations.

Private Cloud Hosting Services

As organizations grow and become more flexible, they look to transform their onsite infrastructure and applications into agile and mobile solutions to reflect the way technology is used today. The most efficient, cost-effective, and secure way to accomplish this is to embrace the cloud with infrastructure, platform, and software-as-a-service solutions from BSE.

BSE can plan and execute your company’s transition to a public, private, or hybrid cloud setup and leverage the right tools and resources to enhance overall security and the user experience. We will continue to provide valuable services with a unique, right-sized cloud strategy for you to secure, improve, and expand your network.

BSE is a partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and has experience with migrating and managing hosted applications and infrastructure in the Amazon cloud. This includes services such as migration planning, disaster recovery, and application architecture and design, as well as managed hosting. We can help you understand what cloud services can do for you, and what implications they may have on your technology systems and budget.

Web & Print Design

Guided by the timeless design principle that form follows function, our partner companies can craft websites and marketing collateral that tell our clients’ most important stories. We build intuitive digital assets that emphasize end-user utility. From internal logistics management to education to general industry, we equip our clients with powerful marketing tools to maximize the impact of their message. If it can live on the web, we can build it.

Marketing Services

We work with our clients to develop marketing strategies that generate new revenue and expand their industry reach. We focus intently on planning meaningful, measurable and targeted marketing activities with quantifiable results. Utilizing partners with varied backgrounds in journalism, public relations, publishing, and the advertising agency world, we build smart and efficient tools, and employ, test, and analyze concise communications. We are well equipped to build and leverage digital tools to you’re your customer base, drive brand preference, and ultimately grow revenue.

Branding & Identity

We work across teams to create living, breathing brands that serve as the absolute infrastructure of our clients’ identity and customer engagement. Our designers and strategists lead clients through a methodical process of discovery, often organizing in-person interview sessions with a wide cross-section of a client’s staff to gain an understanding of the context and culture that shapes that business. We’ve designed brands for a huge range of entities: from academic organizations to Fortune 500 companies. We take great pride in both the quality and utility of the brands we design.

eCommerce Services

Not only do we build revenue-generating B2B eCommerce sites with our partners, we can leverage those partnerships to integrate 3rd party tools, develop custom functionality, and identify, use, & manage your data. After launch, we’ll continue to innovate to ensure your future success over the long run through ongoing site management, process improvements, and technology updates.

Consumers are utilizing mobile devices now more than ever for their commerce needs. As part of their normal routine, consumers are browsing products online, comparing pricing across competitor websites, and making those purchases on smartphones and tablets. Our BSE partner solutions can help make this experience simple, secure, and profitable!

Digital Experience Services

Engage your existing and potential customers with a strong digital presence. BSE partners can provide everything from interface design to social media integration. Customers need to be engaged on a continuous and on-going basis in order to provide maximum satisfaction. A strong Digital Experience is key.

Companies that adapt to customer needs and expectations are successful in engaging and satisfying their customers. At BSE, we help companies prioritize and implement the programs and services that improve their customer experience and, in turn, increase customer satisfaction. BSE digital experience areas include:

  • User Interface Design
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile Design
  • Analytics
  • Social Media Integration
  • User Interface

BSE has a team of designers who provide innovative thinking with appealing yet functional UI/UX designs. Our mobile and website designs provide your customers with intuitive access to desired content. We also pay special attention to attributes such as 508 compliancy and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) making websites easier and more accessibility to a wider range of users. The easier the website or mobile app is, the more attractive your organization appears to your customers.

Big Data Solutions

Solve business problems and tap into new business opportunities with our partner big data solutions covering storage, applications and analytics.

BSE recognizes the value of Big Data and our customers are using it to generate various analytics to enable their new products to various markets. BSE partners can provide pointers that help customers determine which business problems are good candidates for Big Data solutions. Services include:

Big Data Storage– Manage data growth with a scale-out storage platform for Big Data.
Big Data Applications– Embed Big Data analytics results into applications and become a predictive organization.
Big Data Analytics– Enable data scientists to analyze Big Data in a productive, agile, and collaborative way.

Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

Managing digital identities in the connected world of people, partners, systems, and things, where they interoperate / exchange the identity, is important for the business process to work seamlessly and operate optimally.

Enabling end-to-end identity management in cloud including authentication, authorization, federation, directory services, user provisioning, governance and intelligence is critical for IDaaS.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Provision virtual or bare metal servers on high-performance, redundant networks in data centers around the globe. We provide services on all major IaaS platforms.

Internet of Things (IoT) Services

The Internet of Things connects over 15 billion devices and uses data sharing to improve performance. BSE can help you break into this powerful ecosystem. Wearables, home electronics, cars, sensors and other gadgets constitute over 15 billion connected devices, twice the human population. By 2025, the connected devices will explode to more than 80 billion and communicate with each other as never before.

Internet of Things (IoT) requires an industry and technology agnostic approach, more than ever before, to transform the current solutions into the connected ecosystem. Through our strategic partnerships, we leverage a robust cloud-based platform to deliver IoT solutions. Our platform enables us to deliver solutions at low TCO and faster time-to-market. Core capabilities of our platform include security and access management, connectivity and orchestration, rapid development and roll out and analytics.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

We can enable enterprise focus on Application and Services, while we enable the underlying platform including OS, Database, Web / Application server on major platforms. Standard 3-tier architecture, ERP or Digital Experience platforms, we can enable it as a service for enterprise to build on top of.

Outsourcing Services

BSE can help your organization achieve high quality standards by leveraging a combination of onsite, offsite, and offshore resources. BSE has successfully leveraged outsourcing resources to extend or replace local resources using our outsourcing partner companies, but only when outsourcing makes sense. This option is typically available done later in the program cycle when close collaboration with the customer is not necessary and processes have matured enough for semi autonomous process flow.

Outsourcing is also leveraged when specific technical resources complement local resources. This allows global resources to be tapped for additional efficiency gains and allows local resources to concentrate on collaboration, continuous improvement, and new project development.